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The Birkman 360

We have recently introduced "The Birkman 360", a very powerful and cost effective tool for helping individuals improve, grow, and develop themselves. The Birkman 360 gathers information about individual performance as measured by the perspective of self, his/her boss, peers, subordinates, and others (customers, suppliers, etc.).

The Birkman 360 reports on nine competencies driving work and organizational success. The competencies cover these areas:

Integrates Information From The Birkman Method
The Birkman 360 can be utilized on its own or, as we do at The Eisen Consulting Group Inc., combined with the results of The Birkman Method Questionnaire to provide even richer insight into how an individual can enhance their individual performance.

User Friendly And Rich Reporting
The 360 report includes individual strengths, growth opportunities, difference in perspectives, analysis of individual competencies, and personal action planning worksheets.

Easy To Use, Easy To Complete
Respondents can access the survey online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The total survey is made up of 60 questions and takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Include As Many Respondents As You Wish
Regardless of how many respondents you include in the survey, your cost remains the same.

Sample Report
View a
Sample Birkman 360 Report that has integrated the results of The Birkman Method Questionnaire.

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