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Unsolicited Feedback - Team Building Services

CareerWise™ Coaching Group (a division of The Eisen Consulting Group Inc) has received numerous unsolicited letters over the years from individuals who have participated in our Team Building programs.

We believe their feedback demonstrates how effective our team building programs can be in enhancing team performance, or in resolving the real and underlying issues within a team.

Manager Who Participated In Team Building Program Writes CareerWise™ Coach
The team building exercise that you took us through over the last few months has been the most rewarding thing we've done for our department in years. Although some aspects of the process were tough (360-degree feedback), we've finally uncovered and addressed the "real issues" that got in the way of how our department was being perceived by others in our location and at corporate.

Effective and honest communication was what was lacking and I'm happy to tell you that it is finally happening. We've addressed all kinds of stuff that we should have years ago, and others are noticing - we have set the example for them to follow.

Team Member Who Participated In Team Building Program Writes CareerWise™ Coach
I already thanked (manager) for bringing you in to work with us, and now I'd like to tell you how meaningful your assistance was to our team and to me personally. First our team. Sharing our own needs with each other and explaining why these needs are important to us from a work perspective gave us validation in our roles and the courage to talk about how we can all be more helpful to each other. It's refreshing to see everyone wanting to pitch in and help out.

And now me personally. My relationship with (name) was at the point where I was considering quitting. We had the meeting you asked us to have to talk about our differences and we both did pretty good on listening to your advice to not react defensively when listening to what we each had to say. I was really nervous about the direction this talk had the potential to head in as any previous attempts to talk to him ended up being really upsetting for me. It didn't turn out to be so bad afterall. We still have to work on our trust with each other and I hope I can get to that point but I am much more comfortable and a lot less stressed when I have to interact with him now.

So thanks. I will take you up on your offer to call you if I need to.

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