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Unsolicited Feedback - Assessment & Testing

CareerWise™ Coaching Group has received many unsolicited letters from the client organizations who administer assessments and tests through us, and also from individuals who have participated in them. We believe that their feedback demonstrates how valuable assessment and testing is to making good hiring or career decisions.

Participant Feedback

Executive Assistant Writes To CareerWise™ Coach
CareerWise™ administered the Birkman Method Questionnaire after being invited by human resources to do so. This individual approached human resources on many occasions to resolve the issues between her and her boss and the Birkman was directly responsible for improving their working relationship.

Thank you for sharing your insight into my current situation. I am happy to tell you that I am referring to the Birkman report's stress section less often. I've shared my report with (boss) and she now understands what motivates me and what doesn't. I've also got a better grasp of what I do that frustrates her. We are working together with much less stress thanks to the time I spent with you.

Management Candidate Who Was Hired After Participating In Our Assessment Process Writes To CareerWise™ Coach
CareerWise™ administered the Birkman Method and Management Questionnaires to provide the organization with objective criteria to consider in the selection process. When the individual was hired, we met with him to provide feedback on the assessments to help him transition into his new responsibilities.

Thank you for meeting with me on (date). The feedback you shared with me will be helpful as I settle into my new responsibilities as (position). There weren't many surprises in the reports you shared with me, only that they were so accurate.

Thanks also for the development suggestions and counsel on how to deal with the issues on our team. Conflict has always been something I don't enjoy and understanding the longer-term ramifications of not dealing with it will encourage me to, as you say, "Deal with it before it grows out of control!"

Recently Promoted Individual Writes To CareerWise™ Coach

CareerWise™ worked with a team of five individuals in a succession planning initiative to replace a manager who would retire in 6 months. We administered the Birkman Method and Management Questionnaires, and a Critical Reasoning Test Battery. The results were shared with senior management and all of the individuals participating in the process. Each individual was coached on their opportunities for development. When the final decision was made, everyone on the team was satisfied that the organization had undertaken a fair and objective process.

It has been months since I last met with you. I have since been promoted to Manager of (area) and am grateful to you for your advice and ideas for development. I have already been practicing many of the techniques you shared with us in the workshop and am confident they will serve me well as I take over (boss)'s responsibilities.

Thanks, thanks, and thanks again.

Client Organization Feedback

Senior Manager Writes To CareerWise™
CareerWise™ administered the Prevue Assessment.

Thank you for your advice and support in our recent recruitment. We have finally identified (name) as the most suitable person to fill the role of of Customer Service Manager. Prevue proved to be quite powerful in preparing us to ask the right questions!

Partner of Service Organization Writes To CareerWise™
CareerWise™ administered Birkman Method Questionnaire and Critical Reasoning Test Battery, interviewed the candidate, and conducted reference checks. Partner wrote to us unsolicited, suggesting that we share his feedback with other firms considering assessment in the interview process.

At first I was hesitant to try to make use of an assessment in the hiring process since I really wasn't able to quantify how the results would assist me in the hiring process, but ultimately agreed to have the final candidates, with their consent, complete such assessment. The results of such assessments were interpreted on my behalf by CareerWise™ Coaching Group and, after I explained the needs of our organization in that position, I was advised of the relative strengths of each candidate for such position, and was also encouraged to undergo the same assessment myself. After I completed the assessment I was further advised by CareerWise™ how I would interact with each candidate including our respective behaviours under stress. I not only found the results helpful in making the correct hiring decision, I also used such results to try and modify by own behaviour in interacting with the successful candidate in the workplace after such hire was made.

Team Leader Writes To CareerWise™
CareerWise™ administered Birkman Method Questionnaires for all members of the team, and sought 360-degree feedback through our individual and group Perception Analysis Questionnaires. Personal feedback as it related to each individual was delivered through one-on-one sessions, and group feedback as it related to the entire team was delivered through a group workshop.

I thought you might be interested in hearing about the positive impact Birkman and particularly your involvement has had on our team. We are all now more cognizant of how our own behaviours affect the team's morale and have overcome some major hurdles in working together. (name) and (name) have resolved their differences and their renewed approach to reaching common goals together has filtered down to their staff who are also working more collaboratively.

It took a few managers a little longer than others to finally accept how they were perceived by their peers but I am working closely with them in their development and have already noticed some remarkable improvements.

We are continuing on with the development action plan we set out in the workshop. Everyone seems more enthused about the shift in the company's future direction; they aren't as stressed and seem to be more accepting of the changes I am introducing. They are beginning to see the necessity of the new direction.

I'd like to take this initiative to the next level and have everyone's staff partake in the Birkman. I'll be in touch shortly to talk about how we can approach this.

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