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Individual Career / Executive Coaching Programs

Our Individual Career and Executive Coaching Programs provide participants at all levels of the organization with the opportunity to work with a Career Coach through various aspects of assessment and development. All coaching and training is provided on a one-on-one basis in an objective and confidential environment. Confidentiality is crucial to the success of the program as it encourages the employee to open up during the assessment stage.

The focus of each program is customized and determined by the needs of the organization and the individual participating in the program. The majority of our work in this area involves coaching employees:

Depending on the desired outcome and the duration of the program, we may include any combination of the following:


We strongly believe that a number of assessment instruments must be utilized in the process to ensure an accurate, fair, and objective assessment of the individual. At CareerWise™ our assessment process usually includes:

Career Assessment Exercises - Various career and personal exercises are completed to help identify employee performance and behavioural strengths, needs, development opportunities, career and personal goals, and to assess the current working environment, relationships, and how the individual fits in.

360° Multi-Rater Survey - Several of the individual’s current or former coworkers, suppliers and / or customers provide their insight into the employee’s strengths, achievements, and development opportunities.

Personality Questionnaires and/or Ability Testing - A variety of appropriate questionnaires and / or tests are administered to

measure the individual’s aptitude, personality, style, needs, competencies, and behaviours under stress.


Once the assessment process has been completed, the employee and the coach review the results to determine a career development action plan. This plan provides the foundation for ongoing coaching and training in the months to come, which may include:

At the conclusion of the program, the employee receives a report that summarizes the details of the assessment, coaching and development. In some cases, this report is shared with the employee’s superior to gain their support in ongoing development or desired career progression.

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