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Welcome To The Eisen Consulting Group Inc.

The Eisen Consulting Group Inc. and CareerWise™ Coaching Group partner with organizations to enhance individual, team and organizational  performance through the services we provide in the areas of:

   The Eisen Consulting Group Inc.

   CareerWise™ Coaching Group

We are extremely proud of our proven success in and continued commitment to providing “highly personalized” services and “customized” programs; our clients tell us that it’s what makes us unique, differentiating us from other providers.  The combined talent and decades of career coaching experience of our senior coaches enables us to provide leading edge and highly effective consulting, support, coaching and advice.

Our diverse group of loyal clientele ranges from large international to smaller regional organizations, from senior-level to entry-level positions within the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors throughout Canada.  We are able to accommodate single specialized assignments at the local level or wide-ranging national or international engagements requiring a multi-disciplinary team.

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CareerWise™ Coaching Group utilizes a variety of assessments to provide a foundation from which to coach individuals through our programs and services.  Based on 29 years of experience in administering assessments, our assessment instruments of choice include the Birkman Method Questionnaire and the Prevue Assessment.

To learn more about the benefits and features of each of these assessments, click on the following links:

If you would like to complete one of the above assessments, please Contact Us by email or call us at 416-977-3009 to arrange for the assessment to be sent to you.

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