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Career Transition (Outplacement)

A growing number of organizations are choosing to utilize Career Transition (Outplacement) services as a means to help them deal with the effects of corporate restructuring.

The Eisen Consulting Group Inc.’s Career Transition services range from supporting the organization in preparing for the release of one or many employees to coaching released employees through the transition to alternate careers or lifestyles, i.e. similar or different job or career, self-employment, small business start-up, or retirement.

Unlike most other providers of Career Transition (Outplacement) services, our individual programs include: training and development in areas that would be advantageous to an individual's success in their new career (leadership, communication, managing conflict, etc.).  We also keep in touch with individuals until they feel comfortably settled in their new career / lifestyle.

Our Career Transition programs are offered on an individual or group basis, or by video conferencing in remote areas where access to our services is not easily accessible.  We work within the budget provided by the client organization providing the service and tailor all programs to ensure superior quality, professionalism, value and satisfaction in the services provided.

Our approach to Career Transition is as unique as each individual or organization we work with.  We take great pride in our ability to deliver
“highly personalized” services and “customized” programs.  In fact, we don’t map out a program for individuals until we have gained a solid understanding of their needs and desired outcomes.

As a national provider, our consultants have successfully conducted hundreds of small and large-scale corporate restructuring assignments across Canada, involving employees at all levels of the organization.  Our head office is located in Toronto, which services the Greater Toronto Area.  However, we also manage and provide services in all major cities across Canada through our associates.  We have deliberately chosen not to formalize our associate relationships across the country, enabling us to select the most appropriate provider to meet the needs of our client organization’s needs.  We manage the process to ensure that both the organization and the individuals participating in the program receive maximum value for the investment.

The senior level coaches on ECG’s team were selected for their previous experience in various fields and for their long-term success in the field of career transition and performance development (ranging from 8 to 29 years), and more specifically for their uniquely personalized approach to working with clients.  Our coaches are committed to ensuring that every client is treated with the utmost respect in a professional, confidential, and caring manner.  They work together as a team to provide highly effective coaching and advice, and to brainstorm innovative ideas and approaches for individuals participating in our programs.

Transitioning from one career to another can be very traumatic for individuals and we strive to ensure that the experience has positive outcomes.  We provide a warm and welcoming corporate environment, advisory services, comprehensive support, and the necessary resources to make the transition to a new career or lifestyle as smooth and successful as possible.  In our work we often encounter individuals who have career obstacles or issues to overcome.  We deal sensitively but directly in guiding and coaching these individuals to ensure that participation in our programs is not only comfortable but rewarding as well.

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At ECG, we are proud of the fact that our clients have remained very loyal to us over the years by continuing to utilize our services.

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