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Unsolicited Feedback - Small Business Start-Up

The Eisen Consulting Group has received numerous unsolicited letters over the years from candidates who have participated in our Career Transition programs, but whose focus was in self-employment or starting up a small business.

We believe their feedback demonstrates how valuable professional support is to individuals considering self-employment or small business in their transition.

Physically Challenged Candidate Writes To ECG Coach Upon Starting Own Consulting Business
I want to thank you for all of your help through my very difficult transition period. This is not to say that you don't get emotionally involved or that there isn't stress created by all the affected lives of your numerous clients. However, for me, this has been a very significant time in my life.

I have had the chance to rethink my life, its direction and current priorities. Throughout this time, I have been able to talk to you, and pester you at times about employment issues. You always remained calm and collected, and got back to me when possible. You offered constructive and intelligent advice on how best to proceed. Talking to you enabled me to remain focused and rejuvenated in my determination to keep searching. This was extremely important. I learned a lot about job search which will always help me in the future. These are skills that I will value the rest of my life.

Lastly, I will stay in touch as I embark on my business adventure. I hope I can seek your advice, on occasion, as I know of no one as knowledgeable about employment and business related concerns as you. Thanks so much for everything.

Television Anchor Writes To ECG Coach Upon Starting Own Business
Thank you for all of your support, encouragement and good nature throughout my transition. Thanks to you I have a zippy new resume, new friends and colleagues, and a burgeoning new business.

Executive Writes To ECG Coach Upon Starting Own Business
My dream of striking it out on my own came sooner than I had planned. I am three months into this new venture and loving it more and more every day. We're busier than I anticipated but this is a challenge I hope to be tackling for many years.

You and your team (legal and business advisors) made it possible. Thank you!

Accounting Manager Writes To ECG Coach Upon Starting Own Business
As promised...I have enclosed a few of my business cards to for (name) Bookkeeping & Tax Service. Please feel free to distribute them to anyone who is willing to take one. Remember, I had 1000 made so I can send replacements when you run out!!!

I also wanted to thank you for your help and guidance over the last few months. Finally making the decision to start my own business feels great...now to get more customers.

I appreciate you having (name) call me, the discussion I had with her was not only helpful, but also inspiring.

I'll give you a call in a few weeks with an update on my progress. Thanks again for all your help.

Manager Writes to ECG Coach After Deciding Not To Start Own Business
The past few months have certainly been an interesting time of reflection for me. At times I felt like I was on a roller coaster! However, the process you took me through helped to confirm that self-employment is not for me at the moment.

(legal advisor) helped me assess the business I was interested in purchasing and pointed out some very important issues I needed to consider before diving in. In his words, "I had deal fever." and had to consider if I was getting in to it for the right reasons.

Your ongoing support during this expedition is appreciated. I can now resume my job search with a clear mind. Self-employment is still an option I will consider, but only if the right opportunity comes along. See you on Monday.

This individual resumed his job search efforts and was reemployed shortly after he wrote this email to us. His comments reinforce the importance of indepth assessment in considering self-employment.

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