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Prevue Assessment

CareerWise™ Coaching Group (a division of The Eisen Consulting Group Inc.) utilizes the Prevue Assessment when assisting individuals and organizations in the areas of:

Hiring and Retention
The process of intelligently choosing, keeping and motivating staff is one of the most difficult tasks a company can face. Prevue’s Hiring and Retention reports are designed to make these tasks easier.

Development and Coaching
Effectively developing your employees involved understanding their abilities, interests and personality. You can then use that knowledge to work with them towards success within your organization. Prevue’s Development and Coaching reports make it easier for companies to develop and coach their employees so that they can reach their potential.

Succession Planning and Promotion
With today’s changing workforce demographics, and the imminent retirement of an entire generation of managers, it is increasingly important that organizations are able to make wise promotion decisions. Promoting the wrong people can limit your organization’s future, and send negative ripples throughout the organization.

With a minimum of training, this very cost effective assessment tool can be implemented within your organization and managed by your staff without the constant need for a consultant's interpretation or involvement.

To learn more about the Prevue Assessment at our dedicated
Prevue website.

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