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Unsolicited Feedback - Retirement Preparation

Our client organizations have received very positive evaluations and feedback from their employees who have participated in our Retirement or Pre-Retirement programs. Here is a letter of appreciation that an employee sent to their employer.

We believe this letter demonstrates how valuable our support can be to individuals preparing for or entering the retirement phase of life.

Employee Who Participated With Spouse In Our Pre-Retirement Program Writes To Employer
I realize that it is quite unique for employers to sponsor such services as the Pre-Retirement Program you invited (wife) and I to attend. I am not planning to retire for a few more years but (wife) retired seven months ago and the timing couldn't have been more appropriate. The seminar and our meetings with (financial planner) and (coach) afterwards gave (wife) a lot of good ideas on what to do with her new found time. She is renewed and quite excited about taking up some new activities. It even got me thinking about what I might pursue when I finally do decide to retire.

Thanks for providing us with this opportunity. We hope that you will offer it again for others.

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