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Unsolicited Feedback - Career / Executive Coaching

CareerWise™ Coaching Group has received numerous unsolicited letters over the years from individuals who have participated in our Career or Executive Coaching programs, and also from the client organizations who provide these programs. In fact, individuals have even written their employer to express their appreciation for providing our services.

We believe that the feedback we receive demonstrates how valuable external coaching support is to individuals who participate in our programs.

Participant Feedback

Senior Leader Writes To CareerWise™ Coach
There is an uncertainty and an uncomfortableness about starting a coaching program. Having said that, I am now reaping the significant benefits of having participated. I have learned so much about myself and especially how early life events have influenced my approach to life and work. Your advice was extremely helpful in helping me sort out some issues I have been carrying around for years. Dealing with these issues has allowed me to feel more confident and I want to thank you for your encouragement and coaching. I am sure my staff and family would like to thank you too - they would tell you that I am a better boss, husband and father.

Manager Writes To His Employer
I'd like to thank you for the great opportunity to participate in this development course. I have learned a lot and have developed personally and professionally as a result. I am eager to present my development and successes with you in our feedback meeting.

Supervisor Writes To CareerWise™ Coach
The change from working with people who are friends to managing them was a huge challenge for me. I was really struggling with how to approach issues of conflict and this is why I came to you. I am now not afraid to deal with situations that need to be taken care of and what is so surprising is how many people have thanked me for doing so. The thanks should really go to you.

New Manager Writes To CareerWise™ Coach
Well what can I say but thank you, thank you! Working with you has prepared me to be a better manager and leader of people. That Birkman really works wonders - I can now relate to how important it is to pay attention to people's needs. (boss) has commented on many occasions the positive development that she's noticed in me and this gives me the motivation to keep developing. Who knows if I stick at it, I may even be invited to sit with the execs soon!

This experience has been invaluable and I hope that I can convince (boss) that all of the manager's on her team should go through this. I really liked the differences report that you prepared for me and (boss). This year's training budget will be put toward Birkmans for all my staff through the workshop approach you mentioned - I know that they will get as much or more out of it than I did. Maybe they'll even learn how to manage me! I've certainly learned to manage up better.

Financial Analyst Writes To CareerWise™ Coach
I was quite nervous about sharing the details of my coaching initiatives with HR and (boss) but felt relieved when I did. I've got all the support and encouragement I need now to continue on with my development plan. I was pleasantly surprised that (boss) was so open about his mistakes and what he learned from them. Wow, I thought he was perfect. He made me feel much better about my past mistakes. He told me it is what I learn from them that counts.

That perception feedback process was tough to swallow at first because I really didn't think that others saw me the way they did. I think they are seeing me differently now; a few of my peers have noticed and commented on my changed approach.

What helped me the most was thinking about my future aspirations and understanding what I have to do to realize them. The path we set out reinforces the steps I need to take along the way. You asked me to keep in touch and I will. I may even call you for advice from time to time. Thank you very much for your patience with me and the support you so eagerly provided.

Client Organization Feedback

President Writes To CareerWise™ Coach
I appreciated the time that you and (employee) took to bring me up to date on her recent development and future career aspirations. She is a valuable resource to our company and I am pleased that she has benefited as much from your coaching as so many others in our company have.

Vice President, Human Resources Leaves Voicemail Message For CareerWise™ Coach
I just received a very pleasant voice message from (name) just to tell me that he absolutely found his session with you to be incredibly helpful - the Birkman and the time you spent with him. I wanted to get back to you to say that I'm not surprised that he would have found it helpful, but more specifically to thank you for taking the time to help make a difference.

I could tell by his voice that he was incredibly impressed with the feedback he got from you and the help that he has found from your session with him. I wanted to pass it along because, although business is business, sometimes you have a profound effect on people in such a positive way and it probably means more to them than we think it does, especially if you've been around in the business for awhile like we have. So, I just wanted to pass it along and say thanks very much for not only seeing him but also making the time on such short notice which is another side of it that was really terrific. Thanks.

Director of Sales & Marketing Writes To CareerWise™ Coach
CareerWise™ participated in a Leadership Development initiative (group coaching) by seeking 360-degree feedback from various levels within the organization on each manager and also on the team's overall effectiveness. Individual management reports were reviewed in one-on-one sessions and team reports in the workshop. We facilitated two days of a three-day Leadership Development workshop aimed at developing leadership competencies and team dynamics.

I’ve received so many compliments about the Leadership Development program we rolled out last month with your involvement. All of the evaluations have been now been submitted. In summary, our management rated all of the elements we covered quite high, including your group facilitation and their personal coaching meetings with you. The aspects they valued the most included:

- Personal meetings with you and the advice you provided on dealing with their own personal development.

- Birkman – 6 of the 9 managers made mention of how “right on the button” or “valid” it was. Additional comments included:

- Feedback on strengths and required development. Comments included:

Everyone is on board with the plan that came out of the brainstorming and we are well on our way in the area of communication. People are letting their guards down and although we need to keep our focus on developing teamwork, I am happy with the progress we have made up until now. Everyone is really making an honest effort and that’s what counts.

I’ll keep you in the loop as we continue to move forward. Working with you on this project has been a pleasure. I appreciated the wisdom you have gained through your past coaching experiences and your stories helped many of us to relate. Thanks.

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