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Individual Career Transition (Outplacement) Programs

Our Individual Career Transition Programs provide participants with the opportunity to work one-on-one with their Career Coach through various aspects of their transition.  All coaching and training is provided on a personal basis rather than through groups, allowing us to focus on the real needs of the individual as opposed to those of a group.

The duration of these programs can range from one to twelve months of service, depending on the budget of the organization and the level and length of service the individual participating in our program.  Although our individual programs are timed, we work with participants until we are satisfied that they have received the full value of the program.  Once an individual has completed the formal aspects of the program, we keep in touch with them on a regular basis until we are confident that they have successfully transitioned into their new job, career or lifestyle.

The focus of each program is customized to meet the specific needs of the individual and, depending on the duration of the program, may include any combination of the following elements:

The focus of the program can be tailored to prepare individuals for self-employment, small business start-up, or retirement.  We have developed specific tools and programs for each of these options.

In remote locations, our services are delivered through our online program, telephone/video conference coaching.

We also offer Relocation Preparation Programs to the partners of employees who may be relocating within the organization to another geographic location. Emphasis is placed on providing the employee’s partner with Career Transition assistance.

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