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Career / Executive Coaching

A growing number of organizations are choosing to utilize Career / Executive Coaching as a proactive means to help them develop their valuable human resources.  There are many reasons why they provide this kind of assistance for their employees. Our clients have cited the following as being some of their rationale:

We ensure an objective, thorough and accurate assessment process by utilizing a variety of proven techniques and tools. We evaluate each situation to select and administer the most appropriate tests and psychological instruments, and we match each employee with the Coach we feel they will work most effectively with.

The senior level coaches on
CareerWise’s™ team were selected for their previous experience in various fields and for their long-term success in the field of career coaching (ranging from 6 to 29 years), and more specifically for their uniquely personalized approach to working with clients. Our coaches are committed to ensuring that every client is treated with the utmost respect in a professional, confidential and caring manner. We have an extensive network of psychologists and other professionals, and will involve them in the process if it becomes necessary.

Our goal in working with clients in the area of Career Coaching is to ensure that the organization develops and utilizes their human resources to the fullest potential, and that individuals participating in our programs realize personal and professional growth, and career satisfaction.

CareerWise™ Coaching Group offers a comprehensive range of Career / Executive Coaching services to meet the very specific needs of each of our client organizations. We work within the budget provided by your organization, and customize all programs to ensure quality, professionalism, value and satisfaction in the services provided.

Our Coaches get to know their candidates on an individual and very personal basis. Such a relationship ensures an atmosphere that is pleasant, positive and friendly, which in turn fosters a comfortable process for the employee. In our work we sometimes encounter individuals who have career obstacles or issues to overcome. We deal sensitively but directly in guiding and coaching these individuals to ensure that participation in our programs is not only comfortable but rewarding as well.

We believe that no two employees are alike or have the same needs; therefore our programs are further customized to meet the specific needs of each employee. Our clients have the option of choosing the focus of the program and if a particular element is not included in our program but is necessary for success, we will adapt the program to include it.

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Group programs are always customized and can include the components we cover in our individual programs.

Hear what the individuals participating our our programs and the client organization providing our services have to say about us.

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