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Unsolicited Feedback - Career Transition

The Eisen Consulting Group has received numerous unsolicited communications over the years from candidates who have participated in our Career Transition programs, and also from the organizations that provide these services to exiting employees. In fact, candidates have even written their former employer to express their appreciation for providing our services.

We believe that the feedback we receive demonstrates how valuable professional support is to individuals who are in transition to an alternate career, job, or lifestyle.

Candidate Feedback

National Sales Manager Writes To ECG Coach Upon Securing A New Position
Thank you again for your fabulous guidance during my transition to (company). You really made this an easy move and I am convinced that because of the due process you took me through, I was able to move on that much easier. Your best advice was to hold off making any decisions until I had time out; I really enjoyed the self-evaluation phase. I can't imagine going through that part of life without a great coach!

Human Resources Manager Writes To ECG Coach Upon Securing A New Position
It is hard for me to articulate just how much your support and guidance meant to me during the difficult career transition. Though the journey was filled with many ups and downs, I felt extremely fortunate to have been provided with your services.

I found your staff to be very welcoming and extremely professional. They provided me with some great insight and helped me understand my value to employers. The many acts of kindness and generosity (large and small) are truly appreciated.

As you are no doubt aware, this is a time of great emotion and reflection in life. I never thought the time would come when I would view this experience in a positive light but now I do. I have learned more in the past 3 months about myself than I have over a 20-year career. Although some of the exercises I completed were painful at the time, I have benefited tremendously from the effort and believe I will be more satisfied and productive in my new position.

Director Writes To Former Employer About Career Transition Services
Last night I was thinking very positive thoughts about the outplacement experience facilitated by (company) and so I wanted to drop you a line to give you feedback. I don't know if you usually hear back from your "graduates." Because (company) provided me with a very fair severance package and resources, I have been able to take a personal journey and have emerged refreshed and stronger than ever. I wasn't sure that was how it was going to turn out, but now I feel it.

Because (company) was fair with me, I have not felt desperate to jump at just any job offer along the way and in fact have turned down a few. In the past month I have really started to focus on my job search and am finding it to be (believe it or not) rather exhilarating. Just so you know, I cannot say enough positive things about the Eisen Group. I have used up the (company) purchased program and am still welcome to use their office between appointments and can drop in any time I want advice. It is quite remarkable.

Hope things are going well for you.

Manufacturing Support Person Write To ECG Coach Upon Securing A Position
Thank you for your time, hard work, and guidance afforded to me on my recent visits. The materials and insights provided were of great assistance to me in the search. Thanks to all the members of the staff for their courteous reception and behind the scene jobs that were performed to formulate my resume.

There is one special thanks I request you share with the entire Eisen Group. On the evening of (date) I arrived at work at 11:30 in the evening (night shift). Please note: On that particular night only polar bears, Eskimos, and people with de-icing equipment should have been allowed out in the storm. I walked in the door to find that my job had been terminated. Thank you to (coach) for being there in my time of need, confusion and despair. Your kind words and support have not and will not be forgotten.

High Tech Employee Writes To ECG Coach Upon Changing Career Direction
It's been an interesting journey from termination to a new beginning with you as my coach. I was somewhat prepared for the layoff, but not at all for what I would do then. I needed some time to let options surface in my mind and even more time to get comfortable with the option of beginning a new career. More than time, I needed to see in you that it's important to work where one's passion is, and I needed the guidance provided by you and the program, to move from seeking, to the affirmation of what I want to do, to actually getting on with it.

I'm still in what William Bridges calls the Neutral Zone since the subject area I want to write about is still too diffuse. It hasn't come into clear focus. That just means I need to talk to more people, keep researching and get on with writing.

I now have all the tools I need to network, research and seek out and approach publishers. As a result, I feel confident about marketing myself. Now I can focus on my writing.

Your deft mixture of professional objectivity, experience, warmth, humour, encouragement and listening worked on me like a tonic. I feel good about what I am undertaking. Your validation of me in the face of my rather dramatic career change boosted my confidence in sharing my "folly" with anyone who asks.

Thank you for a rewarding journey! I wish for you that your work be as rewarding for you as it is for your clients.

Programmer Writes To Former Employer About Group Career Transition Services
I wanted to offer some feedback on the outplacement services that (company) was kind enough to extend. I apologize for the delay in doing so; I've been frenetically busy these past few weeks with lots going on. First of all, thank you very much indeed for extending the workshop services to us. That was a first-rate thing to do, and I imagine that it was at no small cost to you. It was of huge value to me, and I can vouch for the others in my workshop. The program was very well-designed, the scope was pretty much spot-on, and the instructor was truly excellent. The one-on-one follow-up has been really useful too. I'd recommend ECG to anyone looking for work. Thanks again.

Brand Manager Writes To ECG Coach Upon Securing New Position
I am excited to let you know that I have officially accepted an offer from (company) to head up the (product) division as Brand Manager. I am really looking forward to getting back into the workforce and taking on a new challenge that allows me to utilize my existing skills and expand my experience.

I sincerely want to thank you for the guidance and support you provided during my transition and for preparing me for that dreaded interview process that didn't go so bad after all.

Senior High Tech Employee Writes To Jennifer Eisen Coach Upon Securing New Position
I wish to thank you and your folks for the help with my job search after my lay off from (company). Finally after a networking call and four interviews, I signed on with (company) as the Manager of Information Technology, with an excellent salary, bonus and stock options. The coaching, humour and the follow-up by Dennis and Vera were a special touch and a show of professionalism. Your Office Manager's bubbly nature and helpfulness were appreciated. You must be very proud of your people and organization. Thank you once again and please call me anytime if I can help you or your clients.

Client Organization Feedback

Vice President, Operations Writes To ECG
Thanks for your help. This part of my job is never easy and I think Eisen Consulting's contribution made a big difference to the dismissed employees and to the whole team at the plant. It certainly made a difference for me, and I think it has set a new standard for our organization when an employee has to be released.

Human Resources Consultant Writes To ECG
Thank you very much for working with (previous employee) over the past three months. It has been very comforting to know he has been receiving excellent coaching. (previous employee) has been extremely complimentary about (coach)'s abilities and coaching methods. It is very generous of your organization to be willing to keep in touch with (employee) after completion of the program - you are certainly under no obligation to do so. This extra value is what will encourage us to continue to use your services over others in the future.

Human Resources Manager Writes To ECG
I would like to thank you for your help and professionalism during our recent layoff. Your coaching team really made a difference, their support and compassion was appreciated by the employees who left our company and also by those who are still with us.

Director of Human Resources Writes To ECG
We have worked with you and your company now for quite some time and have come to know your organization as extremely customer service focused and professional. It is due to the reputation that you and your staff have built with not only myself but the other members of our management team that we feel confident in the services you provide. The integrity of your company is impeccable and you have always provided us with excellent counsel in the areas of outplacement and career development. Thanks!

CFO Writes To ECG
(coach) is great. You and your firm are valuable additions to (company).

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